Kite surfing

Bonaire is one of the best kite surf locations in the world!

To shoot through the water like Youri Zoon does, that will take a while.
Just after his first lesson he was not ready to call himself world champion yet, but to take the first kitesurf steps on Bonaire is certainly a good choice. Of course, Bonaire is also one of the best locations in the world for the experienced kiter.
This is proven by the annual Kitesurf week, when 350 kiters from all over the world can show their tricks on Bonaire.

Strong winds, azure waters, perfect climate.

On Atlantis Beach in the south of Bonaire, a strong wind blows for more than 300 days a year that always comes from the northeast. On average between 16 and 30 knots (29 to 54 km). To float through the air on the kite is definitely a crazy experience.
The best time to kite is between mid-January and the end of August, but also outside of this period the Kite can often be seen on the azure waters of Atlantis Beach

Discounts on renting equipment and lessons!

A fully equipped Kite bus offers everything needed to enter this special world. You can rent all the equipment there. Qualified instructors can bring you up to the level with which you can move well over water.
Belmar-Private offers you a 15% discount on private lessons and also on the rental of your equipment. This discount also applies to semi-private lessons. You then share the instructor with a fellow student.

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